Piaggio Vespa 946, Gts 300 Models Unveiled; Soon To Hit India

Piaggio Vespa 946

Piaggio has launched new Vespa 946 and Vespa GTS 300 models in India. The models are, however, not meant for the millions of Indians but only a selected few. Yes, it means that – the company does not aim to produce a million units of these new Vespa models.

In fact, there won’t be many who will be able to buy these scooters as they cost more than what a Mahindra XUV 500 may cost you. Yes, they are priced far high. Vespa 946 is priced over Rs. 18 lakh while the other one Vespa GTS 300 is priced Rs. 12 lakh.

Armani designed Vespa 946 has everything to woo the buyers and scooter lovers. It is perfectly stylish and fit for the new generation guys. It is powered by a 125cc motor that is capable of producing decent power. It runs of 12 inch wheels and that alone is its similarity with other Vespa scooters.

GTS 300 also will be hitting Indian roads soon. Though not as stylish as the 946, this piece too has its own features to woo customers. This model is powered by a 21.2bhp engine that churns out 278cc power. Thus it is going to be the fastest and biggest one in scooter family. Both the models will have disc brakes both at front and back. Security features like ABS, Traction control assure perfect grip and balance even at higher speeds.

946 will be available in two variants – the Bellissima and the Emporio Armani. Both the scooters will be imported as CBUs (Completely Built Units). Bellissima is likely to be priced over Rs. 18 lakh while Emporio Armani’s price is still to go higher. Both the scooters are likely to be launched in the second half of 2016.

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