IPhone 5 SE

IPhone SE Features, Specifications, Release Date Leaked

Apple is expected to launch its new smartphone this month, probably on 18th; suggests unauthorized reports and leaked images. The new model is renamed iPhone SE. Other suggested names included iPhone 5 SE or 6 C which the California based firm rejected on grounds that these names would be confusing with the old models. If this happens so, then this is going to be the first model from Apple with a name without numbers.
Rumours have been spreading like wild fire around Apple and its new smartphone. Apple usually launches new models in September every year. But this time, the headset maker is to launch its new model at an event in California, held later this month. iPhone 7 is expected to be launched in September. The new smartphone SE is believed to be a cheaper handset.

iPhone SE is comparatively a small handset with a small screen size of 4 inch as it comes as a replacement for Apple 5S. Leaked images too suggest the new model to have same design and size of 5s. Some other reports say that the new model will follow the design and size of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The model also will take curved glass edges and “Touch ID” fingerprint reader from these models.

Rumoured specifications include a 12-MP camera at rear camera and an upgraded A9 processor. Other features include a near-field communication (NFC) chip meant for Apple Pay transactions. MacRumours report that the new handset to miss 3D Touch feature from iPhone 6 models.

iPhone SE is expected to be available in 6s lineup colours i.e. Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold and two storage variant options – 16GB and 64GB. The model may have an upgraded battery as well. The prices are expected to fall between $400-500 (£250-350); making it cheaper than other iPhone models.

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