Deepika wants to gift a bride to Salman Khan on birhtday

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone  wants to give the bride a gift to Dabangg Khan on his birthday.

Deepika has expressed a desire to work with Salman Khan. Deepika Salman said he wants to give special gift on his 50th birthday. Deepika wants Salman to get married now, the actor on his birthday gift to the bride.

Salman Khan turns 50 on December 27 are. Deepika when asked if he would like to present what Salman on his 50th birthday? And Deepika said, “I would like to gift a bride.” Deepika said that Salman’s next film Sultan are not.

Deepika said, “When the ‘Big Boss 9’ is in so many people told me that my pair with Salman very well. I also want to work with Salman Salman along with everyone look good. ”

After being acquitted in a hit-and-run case Hema Malini had said that Salman should get married now. Salman discussion next year with his alleged girlfriend Wantur Lulia can tie the knot. Lulia was in Mumbai recently, he was seen in Salman’s house.

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